Behind the Brand: Alexandra Castillo Photography

When designing for your brand, it’s important to consider what kind of message you want to send. Focusing on who you want to attract will result in a much more powerful brand than focusing only on yourself and what you like. It's not enough for your logo to be pretty, it has to represent your brand … [Read more...]

Behind the Brand: Cakes of Whimsy

If you want visuals for your business that truly represent who you are and who you want to work with, it’s important to build a strong foundation first by asking yourself “why.” Why is your work important to you? Why is it important to the people you want to help? Ashley was willing to dig into … [Read more...]

how to design a website that makes sense

Can I share a secret about myself with you? I’m severely directionally challenged. I am the type of person that goes into a store in the mall and then can’t remember which direction I was going when I come back out. Having recently moved to a much larger city (Phoenix), I regularly have to build in … [Read more...]

Choosing the right photography for your brand

One of the most important visual elements of your brand is your photography. So much so, that many influential brands can be identified by their photography alone. Calvin Klein immediately comes to mind. This is one more instance where consistency will build trust. Photography is one of the best … [Read more...]