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Tina Kraemer, owner of Pure in Art Photography, is a wedding photographer and educator specializing in bright, airy, joyful and romantic imagery. Family is a very important value to Tina and she views her work as a way to capture and preserve the familial relationships that make us who we are.

I took the picture that Tina painted of two families coming together and created a heart that is broken apart, as a symbolic detail that represents the two parts coming together to form a new family. The diamond at the bottom was added to balance out the logo and add another touch of modernity. A serif font is used to convey the elegance and trustworthiness of the Pure in Art brand, but with a nice san serif font for the supporting elements to keep it clean and modern.

Pure in Art Photography

"She had the perfect questions to build my brand from the ground up and involved me in every step of the way while creating my logo, business card, thank you card, and website. While it was hard to trust this part to someone else, I am SO glad I did! She was incredible to work with and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out! Thank you, thank you!"

Tina kraemer

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