The clarity and confidence you need to show up boldy and passionately pursue serving your people.


Do you know what's even better than proudly owning a completely custom, gorgeous brand and website?

Knowing that it comes with a powerful brand coaching process that brings you more clarity and confidence in your brand vision than ever.

Your brand is what you make people feel.

What if you could knew that all the parts of your brand could work together to cultivate a community of people you adore serving? 

What if instead of feeling held back by a "not quite right" online presence, you felt excited to share your website with everyone you know, confident that it communicates the level of expertise and value you bring to your work?

What if you felt confident in your niche, and knew what makes you different from everyone else in your industry?

What if you felt like you could finally put all the pieces together, and move forward on those big dreams with a renewed sense of energy and passion for your business?

Your brand isn't just what you can see...

 "You put into words my (some conscious and some subconscious) desires and dreams for my business, so I left feeling like you had made it all make sense." 

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the brand epiphany experience includes:

Brand Epiphany is more than a design studio. When we work together, we'll build out your brand from the inside out, starting with the heart and "why" behind your business. 

Then we'll design completely custom visuals that communicate your message loud and clear. Because even though you're more than just a pretty face, the visuals matter.

The Experience

You'll get crystal clear on who exactly you're trying to attract and why you, with your own unique strengths and experience, are the perfect person to serve them. Every project includes a comprehensive Brand Clarity Workbook, brand coaching session, and your own personalized Brand Strategy Guide to keep and use.

Step one: brand coaching


We'll bring your brand story to life with a complete visual identity including a primary logo, secondary logos,  color palette, and typography. We'll begin with your custom logo, and then carry that design into at least two collateral pieces so you can look polished and professional from beginning to end.

Step two: brand design


Once your brand is fleshed out, we’ll bring it to life on your custom website. Not only will your new website be totally gorgeous, it will be designed to strategically lead your particular dream client to the sale. All websites are built using the powerful and easy-to-use combo of Showit and Wordpress.



Ready for your brand epiphany?

"I don't know how you did it but somehow you managed to get all my thoughts I said (and some I didn't) and roll it all into the perfect package."

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I’m Amanda, brand coach, graphic designer, and your official brand hype girl. My design journey began at the ripe old age of 12 when I built my first website for my dad's business. I went on to earn a BFA in Graphic Design and an MA in Communication Studies, which led to working in the nonprofit world for a while. However, in my heart I knew I wanted to start my own business (it does run in the family, after all). I launched Brand Epiphany in 2015 and have been building brands for amazing people ever since.

hey there, I'm so glad you're here!

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"Before I hired Amanda my photography website was okay, but outdated, and it didn’t function as well as it could have. Amanda came up with the PERFECT brand and website for me! It’s timeless, which is something I love and needed. AND my bookings went up by an average of $2,000! Amanda is so great to work with, quick to reply to my never-ending questions, and I feel like I made a friend throughout all of this. I couldn’t recommend her more!"

"My bookings went up by an average of  $2,000!"

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"Amanda is worth every penny. Her design work is just the icing on the cake. A lot of designers can make you a pretty logo or a pretty website, but what you receive from Amanda is an intentional brand. That intentional brand is priceless. If you want someone to champion you, work to understand your heart and mission, and bring to life that vision with thoughtful, intuitive design.... Amanda is the best choice."

"Amanda is worth every penny."

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"Since having my new brand in place for the past couple years, I can truly say it has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. It not only took me higher end that allowed me to charge more, but I now have such a deeper understanding of my brand and that has enabled me make decisions when it comes to my business much easier!"

"Trust the process, trust Amanda and you will end up with something totally amazing in the end!"

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"Amanda is way more than a designer. She starts with homework and going deep into the why, the goals, and the clients I wanted. From this she created a beautiful little book on my brand strategy that gives me such clear direction. I could never dream up such amazing brand visuals and brand direction on my own. I was so impressed with how everything was so cohesive, in line with my goals and clients, and looked expensive."

"Amanda is way more than
a designer."

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"I had so many great words about you from multiple people that I honestly didn’t even check elsewhere. That’s saying something for me. I’m stoked about all that we accomplished and so thankful for all of your knowledge, resources you gave me and patience you extended to me. I HAVE a brand for the very first time!! And I’m so proud of it! I would tell anyone that if they hired you they would be in great hands and to stop thinking and just do it already."

"Stop thinking and just do it already!"

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"My ideal client went from a fuzzy image in my head to a tangible person I could tell you details about. The homework walked me through the heart of why, who, and how I want to serve, and having those aspects clear have made it so much easier to come up with ideas for the business. I love the new brand; visuals, ideas, heart, and all! This is exactly what my business needed, and what I needed!"

"Amanda's process was exactly what I needed."

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"But I wanted someone who could transform my old brand into something that felt more customized, more “me,” and who would design it starting with my “why.” She had the perfect questions to build my brand from the ground up and involved me in every step of the way while creating my logo, business card, thank you card, and website. She was incredible to work with and I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it all turned out!"

"I couldn't be more thrilled with how it all turned out!"

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"Thank you so so much! I feel so much more confident moving forward now that I have a clearer picture of what I want to create and feel great about the logo representing my brand. I don't know how you did it but somehow you managed to get all my thoughts I said (and some I didn't) and roll it all into the perfect package and I'm so grateful YOU did, I'm so proud of it as if it was my own creation and have a deep connection with it already."

"I feel so much more confident moving forward now."

As they say on Reading Rainbow, you don't have to take my word for it.

What my
past clients are saying.

What my  past clients are saying.

You’ve taken the courses, watched the seminars, and read the books, and feel like you have most of the pieces, but you’re having a hard time putting them all together into something cohesive. You know your work is driven by a deeper mission, but you're having a hard time fleshing it out.

You know that the key to a captivating and powerful brand is building a firm foundation of brand strategy first, and designing visuals after. It’s not enough to have a fun logo or beautiful website, you want to build something that will stand the test of time, and continuously convert the right people.

You know what type of work you enjoy doing and the kind of people you most love serving. You’d like to hone in even more on who your dream clients are and book your calendar full of them.

You’re tired of getting generalized advice on the Internet, and you want a real life person to help you see the forest through the trees and walk you through the branding process one-on-one.

are we a perfect match?

You’re just getting started and you’re not really sure what kind of work you most enjoy or what type of clients you want to attract.

You want “just a logo” or “just a website,” and aren’t interested in creating a strategic and holistic brand strategy and design.

You already have a solid brand design or logo you love, and just need a website. The Brand Epiphany process always begins with brand strategy and design before moving on to website design.



The timeline will vary based on the scope of your project, but brand development typically takes 6-8 weeks, and brand + website development typically take from 8-12 weeks start to finish, depending on when you can have your content available. You'll have clear deadlines and a timeline every step of the way.

I love your enthusiasm, but let's make sure we're a great fit first! Get in touch, and we can schedule a free consultation call so I can hear more about your heart and goals, and make sure I'm the right person to help. If we're both excited to work with each other, I'll send you an official custom proposal. Approve that and pay your first invoice, and you'll be officially booked on my calendar!

If you're not ready for a complete brand and website development experience, I'd be happy to work with you on brand coaching or brand development alone. Each of the three stages build on each other, and if you're only ready for brand development now, the cost will be deducted from your website development experience later when you're ready.

The Brand Epiphany experience always begins with fleshing out your brand strategy and design first. I offer stand-alone website design to past branding clients only.

All projects are custom quoted to make sure you get exactly what you need, and costs will vary based on the scope of your project. Brand coaching is the pillar of our work together, and begins at $1200. Get in touch, and I'd be happy to book a discovery call so we can discuss the best option for you!

Let's chat! I'd be so happy to give you more information and answer any questions you may have.

"I can't even believe I get to call this brand my own. I was so lost and frustrated before, but now I feel like you've breathed new life into my business and now I'm ready to take on the world!" 

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so we can have a dance party celebrating the launch of your new brand asap

Let's Get This Party Started

Get in contact to tell me more about your project and schedule your free consultation call. I can't wait to meet you! 

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