something beautiful styles

Something Beautiful Styles is an on-site hair and makeup team specializing in weddings. Amber Sullivan, the owner, had big plans to grow her team and business beyond on-site services and create a salon that can serve as a one-stop-shop for her brides. She wanted to establish a solid brand foundation to build on as her business expanded. The goal was to create a brand worthy of Amber’s level of professionalism while also emphasizing the friendliness and approachability that Amber and her team bring to their wedding parties. We chose a soft but fun color palette and I designed icons that represent both the beauty and celebration aspect of Amber’s brand. These icons were then made into a fun pattern that we were able to use throughout Amber’s collateral to instantly represent her brand. Her website showcases both her team’s on-site services as well as their salon services in the form of custom interactive menus. You can view her full website (built on Showit 5) here

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