I am a huge fan of Art & Anthem’s photography, so when Nadeena approached me about collaborating for a branding project, I jumped at the chance. We developed a conceptual wedding planning business named “Moonstruck,” which loosely defined means “crazy in love.” This wedding planner specializes in small intimate weddings and elopements for couples that have a strong apprecation for natural elements. For the visual identity, I incorporated this love of nature into the logo with the illustration of the phases of the moon. The two “Os” overlap as a subtle nod to overlapping wedding bands. Nadeena then took my direction and ran with it, producing beautiful imagery to complement the brand. I was able to showcase her photography in a welcome guide designed to be sent to potential clients as well as a website homepage. You can visit Art & Anthem’s website and see more of Nadeena’s beautiful brand photography here.

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