marquette laree

Marquette Mower, who runs her business under the name Marquette LaRee, is a wedding photographer who brings a calm, positive strength to her work. She perfectly describes herself as a “photographer, sidekick, and friend” on her brides’ wedding day. Marquette was at a point where she knew the type of couples she most enjoyed working with and she needed a refined, cohesive brand to reflect the professionalism and sweet personality she brings to her work. A warm summer palette of orange, peach, sage green, and rose gold conveys the comfortable romanticism of her wedding photography. After receiving her brand elements and style guide, Marquette was able to plug them into a premade Showit5 theme and personalize it to fit her new brand. You can read more about the process of working together in her blog post here (note that Brand Epiphany was previously called Aloe Creative).

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