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Launch Love: Peter Reynolds Photography

When it comes to your business, the experience your clients have while going through your process is as much a part of your brand as anything else. Peter Reynolds understands this, and the amount of care he puts into each step his couples go through as his photography clients is truly inspiring. This attention to details carried over into the desires he had for his new website.

It was really important for Peter to maintain consistency every step of the way, and he knew he wanted his website to act as a main hub for everything his clients need. With the new online home for Peter Reynolds Photography, clients can get in contact, access special gifts that Peter puts together for them (like fun playlists!), download their final files, and leave reviews: all in the same place.

Peter already had a beautiful hand drawn logo and illustrations from Sea of Atlas, so the next step was a complete website makeover. I moved Peter from zenfolio to a self-hosted wordpress site, which allows Peter to have the features he wants as well as keep his blog (which previously was on a site) all on the same platform. We started with the Coastal theme from Station Seven (which I’ve been dying to use on a project), and then ran with the customizations, some of which include:

  • Custom portfolio galleries
  • Custom typography
  • Custom contact form
  • A second logo (so he can use either black or white on his homepage, while still using black on the rest of the pages)
  • Transfer of blog from site
  • Ability for clients to review their galleries, download photos, and leave reviews
  • SEO optimization

I also gave Peter access to a private page on the Aloe Creative website containing resources on SEO, image optimization, and video tutorials instructing Peter on how to use all the fun features on his new site.

Here’s what Peter had to say about going through the process:

If you thought that designing or redesigning a website of your dreams was going to be near impossible/extremely difficult, then seriously, look no further! Amanda will calm your nerves instantly. Somehow she finds a way to get on the very same page you’re on in an instant which makes the entire process incredibly easy, exciting and, believe it or not, fun!! She’s great, and I’ll be forwarding people onto her instantly! A great job Amanda!

View the live site and check out Peter’s gorgeous photography here.

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