Nadeena, the founder of Art & Anthem, provides photography, styling, and instagram content coaching for creative brands. We knew that we wanted a fresh, modern, and clean brand identity for Art & Anthem to allow her rich photography to take center stage. Nadeena not only does beautiful work, but she also has a clear mission for her brand. The mission of Art & Anthem is to inspire creatives to follow their own instincts, and to create visual content that brings those dreams to reality: the art to their anthem. In order to bring this sense of freedom into her brand identity, I started with an open and airy mark that incorporates the two “As,” while also hinting at mountain peaks, reflecting the adventurous nature of her brand. The clean marks and geometric nature of the mark was carried on to her main logo. Art & Anthem provides Instagram style guides, so once the visual identity for Art & Anthem was finalized, I also built out a template for Nadeena to use with her clients.

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